Precision Irrigation – old

Precision Irrigation

Game-changing technology for optimized water efficiency

Our innovative system has a strong track record for tangible improvements in soil resilience and plant health while optimizing resource use. In a new paradigm of sustainable water management, we enable better water penetration in soil micropores, improved nutrient uptake, and continued irrigation with saline water. This is true Swiss efficiency: fusing nature with technology and empowering growers to get the most out of every drop.

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Sustainable solutions

Harnessing cleantech for lasting solutions to vital issues

AQUA4D addresses the most pressing problems facing agriculture: water scarcity and land degradation. Our team of agronomists leverage their field experience to tackle a wide range of water management problems. Water-smart treatment enables precision irrigation by keeping soils moist for longer and improving the dissolution of minerals and fertilizers in irrigation water. AQUA4D growers in 40+ countries achieve the seemingly paradoxical: higher yields with less resources, while solving a range of persistent problems.

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AQUA4D’s effects on the water network and in the ground

· Increasing soil moisture
· Solving salinity
· Preventing clogging
· Increasing nutrient uptake
· Improving root development

Water use efficiency

Enabling average water savings of 20-30%.

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Soil salinity management

Restoring soils, regenerating lands.

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Saline water irrigation

Enabling continued use of high-EC water.

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Clogging prevention

Preventing and eliminating limescale and biofilm.

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Fertilizer efficiency

Boosting nutrient absorption and uptake.

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Forging Shared Value

Sustainability through innovation.

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Our technology

Customized Technology as a Service (TaaS) for Agriculture 4.0

Our systems are fully modular and easily integrated into your existing irrigation setup. All flow rates are catered to, with Treatment Units added as required. Made in Switzerland from highest-quality components, the AQUA4D® system requires no maintenance or consumables, and makes water systems and the overall irrigation process more sustainable, efficient and less labor-intensive.

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Technical specifications

  • Swiss Made,
    Swiss Quality
  • Very low power consumption (<10W)
  • IP65 protection
  • Up to 16 bars
    of pressure
  • Modular design, unlimited flow rate (21.6 m³ / TU)
  • Robust cabling and aluminium casing

Sample installation

1. Basin
2. Pump
3. Filters
4. Fertilizers
5. AQUA4D®
6. Greenhouse
7. Open field

“In the context of modern, organic and sustainable agriculture, we recommend AQUA4D because it is considered a valuable, safe, practical and economical technology.”

Prof. Mohamed Hachicha,

“We see how water and salt issues are inextricably related… our technology increases the capacity of water to transport salts in ionic form, meaning the water does not lose the salts into the soil, but rather moves salts below the root area.”

Walter K. Thut,
Co-Founder AQUA4D, Switzerland

Ongoing consultancy and support

Technical expertise for coordinated project efficiency

Over the years, AQUA4D’s technical team has developed a unique workflow model when kicking off projects. Based on past experience, scientific methods, and the effective implementation of our technology, this ongoing consultancy and technical support makes projects thrive from day one thanks to well-coordinated processes. In doing so, we help create lasting shared value for your project and beyond.

The AQUA4D workflow

Our services include

  • Preliminary data and streamlined questionnaires
  • Evaluation and feasibility analysis, followed by technical approval
  • Commercial offer with delivery time and cost
  • Development of measurement protocols and monitoring processes
  • Procurement, delivery and technology implementation
  • Installation guidelines and technical datasheets
  • Monitoring and follow-up
  • Results presentation and analysis
  • Maintenance (if required) after project completion.
Monitoring &
Evaluation &

Let’s create shared value