AQUA4D x CaixaBank: Eficiencia hídrica asequible para los agricultores españoles

En una nueva colaboración con CaixaBank, AQUA4D aporta una gama de opciones para abrir la tecnología de riego rentable y sostenible a la agricultura española.

Ceo Water Mandate
European Commission
Swiss CLimate Foundation

Water use efficiency

Enabling average water savings of 20-30%.

Soil salinity management

Restoring soils, regenerating lands.

Saline water irrigation

Enabling continued use of high-EC water.

Clogging prevention

Preventing and eliminating limescale and biofilm.

Fertilizer efficiency

Boosting nutrient absorption and uptake.

Forging Shared Value

Sustainability through innovation.

"AQUA4D® physically changes the structure of the water, working with your same water and the same irrigation system. We make the water-soil-plant system efficient."

Enrique Rebaza

“AQUA4D® is a unique technology that allows us to manage salts well while saving water in the process.”

Javier Meyer

"It is a water treatment to better hydrate and moisturize, generating water efficiency. In the different projects we work on we save between 20% and 30%”.

Jose Tomas Gillet

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