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    Advanced water treatment technology,
    solving a range of persistent problems.

    Through innovative treatment, AQUA4D addresses water infrastructure issues in several industries.
    Since 2004, customers in over 40 countries have benefitted from this market-leading water tech – see how our team can help you today.

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    Ceo Water Mandate
    European Commission
    Swiss CLimate Foundation
    Cleantech Alps
    Business for Nature

    Global reach, local touch

    Why AQUA4D®?

    Headquartered in Switzerland but with expert consultants across the world, our clean technology has been enabling sustainable water efficiency for nearly two decades.

    1000+Installations running
    in 43+ countries
    20 yearsyears of constant innovation
    1000kg average CO2 saved per
    lifespan unit 20m3/h


    AQUA4D® changes water structure and hydration, enabling a cascade of benefits for sustainable agriculture – maximizing outputs with minimal resources.

    "We're seeing an astonishing difference in our growth response and water penetration."

    Richard Gemperle

    "We reduced watering times by 25%, solved our clogging issues, and increased overall yields."

    Jacques Reussard

    "There has been a clear difference in both crop productivity and the volume of water applied"

    Prof. Eusimio Fraga

    Positive feedback loops

    Water Stewardship

    At AQUA4D, sustainability is not a nice-to-have: it’s our core competence, present in everything we do. Water stewardship is imperative for dealing with a changing climate, water scarcity and soil degradation. Our cleantech connects the dots between resource efficiency, land restoration, and responsible production, helping us fulfil 11 of 17 SDGs. AQUA4D generates positive feedback loops and enables customers to achieve their water efficiency and business goals while doing the planet a favor.

    3Ps (People, Planet, Profit)

    We believe a flourishing business need not come at the expense of the natural world and the people on it.

    Minimal power use and emissions

    Solar-powered manufacturing, and a system which uses minimal power, promotes efficient use of both water and electricity.

    Water efficiency

    AQUA4D® technology leads to responsible use of water resources, imperative for dealing with climate adaptation and water scarcity.

    No chemicals

    AQUA4D® keeps water systems clean and clear without chemicals or consumables, while producing no waste product.

    Land restoration and preservation

    Our technology helps keep harmful chemicals out of soils and the water cycle by boosting fertilizer efficiency and dissolving salts.

    Higher productivity, less resources

    Our water-smart solution helps us achieve the seemingly paradoxical: more efficient output with minimal input.

    Let’s create shared value