Geothermal energy: improving efficiency through water treatment

Swiss technology for long-lasting protection of plate heat exchangers

Unlike closed circuit heating systems, geothermal heat pumps from surface constantly bring new water – and thus new bacteria and new minerals – to from groundwater, which is extracted and placed in a heat exchanger. This can cause an accumulation that can put the whole system out of action.
More importantly, in areas where iron or manganese are present in the soil, they will be introduced during groundwater extraction. When oxidized, they attract certain bacteria, creating problematic biofilm and sludge that often worsens exponentially. Until now, such a system required expensive maintenance, requiring man-hours and operational interruptions.

Innovative cleantech solutions

Simultaneous resolution and prevention of various problems

The use of AQUA4D® means less need for softeners, less replacement of old water pipes, and no more harmful chemicals entering water systems.


  • Corrosion
  • Biofilm
  • Iron bacteria
  • Limestone deposits

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  • No more service interruptions
  • No more maintenance or cleaning work
  • Increased geothermal efficiency
  • Cost and energy savings

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AQUA4D Sustainable Buildings: Product Range

Our products

Our product range for buildings consists of the following modules:

F Pro Control Unit (CU)
The “brain” of the system, generating the specific resonance signals and constantly monitoring the proper operation of the system.

TU 60G-B Treatment Unit
(Ideal for smaller buildings and houses, flow rate up to 60 l/min, 3.6 m3/h per unit)

TU 360G-B Treatment Unit
(Ideal for public buildings, hotels, industrial buildings, etc., flow rate up to 360 l/min, 21.6 m3/h per unit)

The Treatment Unit (TU) distributes the resonance fields generated by the Control Unit (CU). For very high flow rates, the Treatment Units are mounted in parallel to cover the entire flow rate to be treated.

The systems can treat any flow rate, and simultaneously treat cold and hot water pipes including boilers, by means of a sophisticated modular concept.

See where and how AQUA4D would fit into your building.

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“Before, we had to disassemble and clean the heat exchanger every two or three months.For more than four years, we have never had to clean it again!””Onur DURMAZ, FANUC Switzerland Gmbh

1. Groundwater pump
2. AQUA4D® system
3. Plate heat exchanger
4. Groundwater

Sustainable buildings

AQUA4D® in Industrial Buildings: an astounding success

The problem was extraordinarily troublesome: Three to four times a year, a crew from Pärli AG had to go out to clean the FANUC company’s plate heat exchangers.

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Sustainable buildings

Physical water treatments: differences, operation and efficiency monitoring

At Wikipedia one finds under the term “processes of water treatment” under physical processes actually chemical processes. So it says there e.g. aeration, atomization, sedimentation, flotation, adsorption. The water is enriched with gases, which directly changes its chemical composition.

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Sustainable buildings

Water Softeners in Residential Buildings: A Critical Appraisal

The softer the water, the more aggressive it becomes, leading to corrosion of parts that come into contact with the chemically altered water. This is also known to professionals and therefore should not be installed in buildings where galvanized iron pipes are present.

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