Shared Value Plan

Sustainability through innovation

Forging Shared Value

The AQUA4D® Shared Value Plan creates opportunities for growers and agribusinesses to incorporate shared value into the heart of their business model. With sustainable contributions such as reducing carbon footprints and improving resource use, these are companies which have a positive impact on society, their value chain, and the wider environment.

Water smart

Developing Circular Water Efficiency Across Multiple Industries

In many ways, AQUA4D has always been ahead of the curve. Water efficiency is truly hitting the headlines in 2020, with water stress becoming a hot issue in many countries, and new directives for increasing conservation and more efficient use by 2030.

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Precision Irrigation

Water-Smart Agriculture: the Efficiency Drive the World Needs

We are in the midst of an unprecedented water crisis. South American regions are declaring an agricultural state of emergency, California’s wells are running dry, and countries from Belgium to Botswana are facing significant water stress.

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Sustainable goals

AQUA4D: Sustainable Development Goals

AQUA4D is pleased to contribute to a total of 11 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out by the United Nations

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