About us

About us

Two decades of innovative R&D

From one first project in Switzerland to over 4000 across the world, it’s been a long journey since the academic Dr. Eric Valette met the creative engineer Walter K. Thut in the early 2000s. Throughout, the enterprise has held true to its scientific roots with constant research & development, ensuring groundbreaking innovation with every iteration.


“From the outset, our goal has always been to sustainably improve water efficiency with a positive impact on the health of people and planet.”
Eric Valette, CEO


Certified Swiss Quality

Our technology is assembled to the highest IECEE & ISO 9001 specifications, and is recognized as one of Solar Impulse’s “1000 solutions that protect the environment”. Additionally, we are proud recipients of two other awards, the Energy Global Award Chile 2021 and the Green Businesss Award.

Ongoing consultancy and support

Technical expertise for coordinated project efficiency

Over the years, AQUA4D’s technical team has developed a unique workflow model when kicking off projects. Based on past experience, scientific methods, and the effective implementation of our technology, this ongoing consultancy and technical support makes projects thrive from day one thanks to well-coordinated processes. In doing so, we help create lasting shared value for your project and beyond.

The AQUA4D workflow

Our services include

  • Preliminary data and streamlined questionnaires
  • Evaluation and feasibility analysis, followed by technical approval
  • Commercial offer with delivery time and cost
  • Development of measurement protocols and monitoring processes
  • Procurement, delivery and technology implementation
  • Installation guidelines and technical datasheets
  • Monitoring and follow-up
  • Results presentation and analysis
  • Maintenance (if required) after project completion
Monitoring &
Evaluation &

Let’s create shared value