Animal Health

Efficient and clean agricultural water systems

Swiss technology for sustainable livestock production

Water pipes in livestock are often home to bacteria culture which thrive in biofilm; this is the cause of most of water-borne infections in animal production. AQUA4D® removes this biofilm and inhibits the creation of new deposits, the root cause of these infections. The same technology efficiently dissolves limescale and minerals which can block pipes and drippers, and improves dissolution of additives and medicines.

Innovative cleantech solutions

Simultaneous resolution and prevention of water-related issues

Ultra-efficient water treatment results in better homogenization of production, clean and efficient water lines, and improved animal health.


  • Elimination and prevention of biofilm
  • Inhibition of bacteria development
  • Reduces digestive problems and improving animal health

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  • Prevents blocking of pipes, drinkers and nipples
  • Reduces costs associated with maintenance
  • Promotes feeding homogeneity

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  • Improves nutrient absorption
  • Improves efficiency of medicines and additives
  • Healthier and more sustainable production

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Groundbreaking technology, seamless integration

Effective over multiple kilometers

AQUA4D® technology works with any type of water – chemical composition and degree of hardness make no difference. Equally, the results are achieved with all types of piping, regardless of the material (e.g. steel, copper or plastic). Crucially, the effectiveness of AQUA4D® can be proven over several kilometers of piping.

“Just before the set up of AQUA4D®, we monitored the water conduits with an endoscope. The water network was dirty (with iron + manganese although we had an iron remover). On second check 3 months after installation of the AQUA4D® system the network is visibly much cleaner and stayed that way a year later. Since January, I have completely stopped the chemical cleaning of the water conduits!”Patrick Menon, Pig Farmer

AQUA4D® for Animal Health: Product Range

Our products

Our product range for Animal Health consists of the following modules:

F Pro Control Unit (CU)
This is the “brain” of the system, generating the specific resonance signals and constantly monitoring the proper operation of the system.

TU 60G-C Treatment Unit (TU)
(Ideal for small facilities)

TU 360G-C Treatment Unit (TU)
(Ideal for larger barns or facilities)

The system can be installed for just one facility or up to four adjoining houses with one single Control Unit serving up to four separate Treatment Units. For large farms with many houses but with a central water tank and no further downstream pumps, the whole facility can be treated from one central point with large treatment units, reducing the required investment.

1. Water tank
2. Water main entrance
3. Food mixing system
4. AQUA4D® Control Unit (CU)
5. AQUA4D® Treatment Unit (TU)
6. Water pipe network

Animal Health

AQUA4D®Earns Significant ROI on Hen Farm in Turkey

At A.B. Gida, a large laying hen farm in Turkey, managers were faced with persistent blockages in their water systems which were influencing the health of their hens. Farm managers chose to use physical water treatment to clean their pipes and lines. They equipped part of the farm with 13 AQUA4D® systems.

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AQUA4D® Water treatment leads to efficiency increases on Israeli poultry farm

OF OZ is a large poultry company with several across sites in Israel. In this country known for agricultural efficiency, farm managers had tried several methods over the years to overcome their biofilm issues. They suspected these blockages were the reason their productivity and Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) had plateaued. Finally in 2011 they turned to Switzerland’s AQUA4D to see if water treatment could help overcome these issues.

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Animal Health

AQUA4D® People: Markus Schwery – Animals & Buildings

At the HQ in Switzerland, we caught up with Markus Schwery, recently appointed as Head of Technical Support for Animals and Buildings, to find out more about this role and this area of Aqua4D.

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