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Water Use Efficiency

Growing more with less

With irrigated agriculture responsible for 70% of water withdrawals, increased efficiency here would go a long way to a more sustainable future while saving costs for growers. Due to the AQUA4D® effect on water molecules, soil stays moist for longer, bringing growers average water savings of 25-30% – or more when combined with other Ag 4.0 technologies. Our disruptive innovation entails a new paradigm of sustainable water management, decreasing resource input while simultaneously increasing yield output.

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“It used to take two and a half hours to irrigate a soccer field. By installing AQUA4D, we were able to reduce irrigation times by 20% to 30%, which allows us to generate a water efficiency of around 25%.”Scott Brooks, Head Groundsman, OGC Nice

“AQUA4D makes the water-soil-plant interaction into an efficient system, enabling irrigation water savings of between 20% and sometimes even 50%.”

Enrique Rebaza,
Agronomist, Peru

“We’ve seen an astonishing difference in our water penetration”

Richard Gemperle,
almond grower, USA

“We’ve seen a better distribution of water and therefore a better root system, all while reducing the watering time by 25%.”

Jacques Reussard,
cyclamens grower, France

Precision Irrigation

AQUA4D: Integrating water optimization into Agriculture 4.0

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Optimism for Moroccan agriculture: proven technology offers water savings and combats salinity

Like many countries in North Africa, Morocco is faced with increasing water scarcity and drought. 2020 has seen the country tackling not only Covid-19 but also an unwelcome mix of unusually high temperatures and low rainfall.

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Precision Irrigation

“Growing more and better while using less water: a true paradigm shift” – an interview with Javier Meyer, AQUA4D

AQUA4D is a water smart technology to improve water efficiency.

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