Saline water irrigation

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Saline water irrigation

The world’s most efficient and sustainable desalination technology

AQUA4D® efficiently dissolves any minerals in irrigation water, with salts leached below the rhizosphere. This makes it an all-in-one solution for dealing with salts in the water and in the soil.

Our water-smart treatment subtly alters the minerals in irrigation water – salt is leached below the root zone and no longer crystallizes on the surface, thus improving both soil and plant health. This allows continued irrigation with poor quality or saline water, without resource-intensive desalination or chemicals.

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“Technology like reverse osmosis takes salt out of the water, but does not address the salts which are already in the soil. AQUA4D® is ideal both for irrigating with saline water and managing salts in the soil – it can unclog the pores and push salts down and to the side, preventing their accumulation”Enrique Rebaza, Chief Agronomist, Latin America

“The main advantage we bring is to be able to irrigate with brackish water without any waste product.”

Antoine Perri,
CSV Confort & Cie SA

“I can see exactly how the pH levels and electroconductivity are changing; the roots were suffering with the salts and now they are much stronger.”

Felipe Rojas,
rose grower, Chile

“Thanks to AQUA4D, the salts migrated away from where the absorption of nutrients takes place.”

Mohamed Ayari,
Zitouna, Tunisia

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