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Innovative linkups: Agriculture 4.0

AQUA4D forms an integral part of water-smart agriculture, where water efficiency meets Ag 4.0 precise measurements. Whether it’s measuring sap flow through 2Grow, drone flyovers with Aerobotics, or soil moisture with Aquaspy, this combination of technologies has shown exponential benefits.

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Community outreach

In order to encourage the next generation of cleantech engineers, AQUA4D works closely with academic institutions and home and abroad. On a community levels, our technology positively impacts upon sustainable development and water availability.

School visitsWe regularly offer school groups guided tours of our facilities to learn about the cutting edge of clean technology.

Academic linksOur technical department collaborates with colleges to promote knowledge transfer and foster R&D. This includes welcoming engineering interns to our HQ, and direct involvement of graduate students in AQUA4D trials in Chile, Brazil, Spain and more.

Community impactWith the cascade of impacts resulting from water-smart irrigation, our projects have a tangible effect on the surrounding communities. Our technology has been deployed as part of reforestation efforts in Chile, while treatment of saline water in Palestine enabled continued cultivation in challenging conditions. In many cases, potable water previously allocated to irrigation can now be used by local communities.

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AQUA4D works with like-minded distributors around the world, with a thorough training program and frequent international exchanges between our experts.
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