Landscape Irrigation

Precision Irrigation

Swiss innovation for water-smart landscape irrigation

After 20 years of R&D and worldwide implementation, AQUA4D® technology has a proven track record for increasing water efficiency and soil health in irrigated agriculture. Now this success is being replicated in landscape and turf irrigation.

During periods of droughts, urban green areas and sports fields are often the first victims of water cutbacks. Thanks to this Swiss water treatment technology, soils can stay moist for longer – significantly reducing irrigation requirements.

Supported by the latest 4.0 measurement tools, this Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS) cuts irrigation frequency by an average of 20%, ensuring urban areas stay green while optimizing resource use.

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Sustainable Solutions

Leveraging Cleantech to Regenerate Soils and Save Water

AQUA4D® addresses the most pressing problems facing agriculture: water scarcity and land degradation. Our team of experienced agronomists help growers tackle a wide range of water management problems. Soils stay moist for longer, while minerals and fertilizers in irrigation water are better hydrated and dissolved. Growers in 40+ countries achieve the seemingly paradoxical: higher yields with less resources, while solving a range of persistent problems.

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Water Use Efficiency

Enabling average water savings of 20-30%.

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Soil Salinity Management

Restoring soils, regenerating lands.

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Saline Water Irrigation

Enabling continued use of high-EC water.

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Clogging Prevention

Preventing and eliminating limescale and biofilm.

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Fertilizer Efficiency

Boosting nutrient absorption and uptake.

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Increasing Productivity

Boosting plant health, yields, and profits.

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AQUA4D® F-A Pro 40M

Technical Specifications

  • Swiss Made,
    Swiss Quality
  • Very low power consumption (<10W)
  • IP65 protection
  • Up to 10 bars
    of pressure
  • Modular design, unlimited flow rate (21.6 m³ / TU)
  • Robust cabling and aluminium casing

Precision Irrigation

Sustainable Transformations at OGC Nice Through Precision Irrigation

“When I arrived in Nice, there were some real issues with water and grass plant health,” Brooks remembers. “We had 3.5 natural pitches and weren’t getting the water where it needed to go, as well as issues with hydrophobic soils, high pH and salinity. I needed to solve all this while using less resources in the process.”

AQUA4D® technology reduces the size of water clusters to improve penetration into soil or substrate micropores. The same water treatment also more efficiently dissolves minerals and nutrients, which then positively impacts plant health.

“With AQUA4D I’ve noticed a real improvement in water efficiency across the site and I really feel we’re getting the water where we need to get it – in the root zone. This means healthier grasses and a better-quality pitch,” observes Scott Brooks.

“It’s not just using less water, it’s the efficiency,” says Brooks. “It’s reduced watering timings but we’re also getting more benefits in terms of what’s going onto the pitch because we can get the water into the soil easier. It’s just efficiency squaredusing less resource and getting the same or better output.

Watch an interview with Scott Brooks here

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Sample installation

1. Basin
2. Pump
3. Filters
4. Fertilizers
5. AQUA4D® F-A Pro M
6. Sports Field/Stadium
7. Golf courses, Green Areas, Parks

The AQUA4D workflow

Our services include

  • Preliminary data and streamlined questionnaires
  • Evaluation and feasibility analysis, followed by technical approval
  • Commercial offer with delivery time and cost
  • Development of measurement protocols and monitoring processes
  • Procurement, delivery and technology implementation
  • Installation guidelines and technical datasheets
  • Monitoring and follow-up
  • Results presentation and analysis
  • Maintenance (if required) after project completion.
Monitoring &
Evaluation &

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